Blog’s First Post

Just started up my blog and I’m pretty excited!

As a law graduate I was pleasantly surprised to realise just how diverse the field of library and information science was! I’ve never thought of looking at library science in this particular light until recently and it is incredibly fascinating to see the progress up to now! I intend to use this blog to talk about my thoughts on the matter and review what I have learned throughout the week.

The term information architecture is a rather new word for me yet I believe it beautifully describes a very important aspect in our lives. The web becomes increasingly essential to us and thus management of digital information becomes more important to people now than ever. This week we talk about defining information architecture and online publishing and something that I wondered about was publishing and interactions on the Web in relation to blogs and social networks. Blogs and such are created to encourage people to publish content online however most people do not create blogs of their own and there has been a series of websites such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter that not only encourages posting your own content but compiling and curating content from other sites and users. It is interesting to see that blogs are also a collection of content either for the curator’s own perusal or to share their interests with other people. With tools such as embedding and retweeting I wonder if we lose the links and connections between websites and if this means the Web has become a less interactive space than before. I wonder how blogging will change from here onwards!!

Now, for my own blog I’ve picked the Eighties theme because I love the idea of hidden sidebars, I feel like it makes my page look less cluttered. The header is a photo I took while I was at Li Jiang which showed the various notes left in a restaurant from travellers and I’ve picked a complementary green scheme to go with it. I’ve used the right sidebar to add widgets and the bottom is for people to view other lovely blogs and posts! I’ll probably fidget with the layout of my blog more as time go by but I think I am pretty pleased with it for now!